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Capital allowances on commercial buildings

HJR Tax is an independent property tax consultancy. Specialising in capital allowances claims for commercial property acquisitions.

We have offices in Wales and the Midlands but supply our services nationwide, as our team of fully qualified tax and surveying consultants are based all over the UK. Our team has been born out of individuals who have worked for global accountancy & surveying firms and market leading capital allowances specialists.

Our aim is to offer a cost effective service to traders and investors, which enables them to benefit from the significant tax savings that all the leading UK businesses regularly claim. HJR Tax make claiming capital allowances simple and cost effective.

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Commercial Property Acquisitions Claims

If you own a commercial property and have paid tax in the past 2 years, you could be due a tax rebate from HMRC.

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23 Mayfield
When HJR Tax first contacted me via phone I was extremely sceptical due to the call out of the blue. But after speaking to Thomas Roberts he explained that HJR can offer me a conversation with a previous local client in the area and was more that happy to converse with my accountant, and explained…

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Daisy Day Care Nursery

Purchase price £190,000
Capital Allowances claim £51,255
Total tax savings £14,863

"I must say I was sceptical at first. But after I clarified the service with my accountant I was very pleasantly surprised that I was in a position…

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Dalmore Lodge

Purchase price £560,000
Capital Allowances claim £139,206
Total tax savings £40,370

"Whilst I was a little sceptical at first upon hearing about the embedded capital allowances, after a little investigation by my accountant, I am…

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Hollingworth Lake Bed & Breakfast
Purchase price - £252,500
Capital Allowances claim - £85,487
Total tax savings - £17,091

"The service was great. Joshua was fantastic. The communication was excellent. All in all, happy with the service,…

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Rose Cottage

Purchase Price - £515,000
Capital Allowances claim - £134,154
Total tax saving - £30k

"You did what you said you were going to do. Our accountant hadn’t dealt with this before. So, the service is something we wouldn’t have…

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Glebe House

Purchase price - £800,000
Capital Allowances claim - £229,545
Total tax saving - £60k

"The service was amazing. I didn’t realize we could make that sort of a claim. My accountant had heard about it before. but didn’t know how to…

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